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Content Goals, Planning, and Repurposing

February 13, 2023

This is a little different style of blog post today. I’m sharing the Questions and Answers I shared on the #SocialTrust Twitter Chat with Deb Coman Writing.



Welcome to #SocialTrust Content Goals, Planning, and Repurposing.

Stacey Watts @StaceyOnSocial is a Social Media Coach & Content Strategist, helping solo entrepreneurs use social media to attract & connect with their clients.

A1: All your content should be planned around short & long-term goals.

What goals are those?

✨Boost brand engagement

✨Improve customer service

✨Increase brand awareness

✨Drive traffic to your website or sales page

✨Generate more sales

✨Launch a product/service

A2: My favourite place to grab content ideas is in conversations with my social media community. I like to save all those conversations, the questions they ask & the answers I give in my content vault. #SocialTrust #BehindTheContent

A2b: I also find content ideas on Quora questions, Pinterest, other social platforms, and of course, from the wonderful community I have here on Twitter.

A3: Brainstorming 4 core ideas, add promotion as the 5th core idea. Under those ideas write as many sub-topics as possible. Write down all your events (hosting, supporting, or going to), launches, major holidays & hashtag holidays that are on brand. 

A3b: Once a week I then look at that calendar & write a caption for each item that is on the schedule. I rarely write my caption ahead of time unless it’s for a video that I’ve recorded.

A4: Along with a regular brainstorming session for planning content I schedule in a weekly writing session. Plus, I save a ton of ideas, conversations, and transcripts from videos, podcasts & #TwitterChats in my content vault.

A4b: I also refuse to post daily, instead I let my content & engagement strategy do the work for me.

Repurposing has also been a game-changer, if I comment on IG I’ll save that to share on Twitter for example. 

A5: To repurpose content either break it down or expand on it. Take a look at your last post & ask yourself can I expand on it? Look at your last blog, can you break it down? Repurposing isn’t just copying & paste, it’s changing it up. 

A special thank you to Deb Coman for having me as a guest on the #SocialTrust Twitter Chat. 

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