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It Takes a Village - Even in Business

March 27, 2023

You’ve heard the term “it takes a village to raise a child”, the same thing can be said for businesses operating on social media. You’re “village” are the loyal customers that you build through relationships that you nurture online. Social media can cause a disconnect between your client base and yourself. That is why building a community on social media matters. But how do you effectively do that?

Human Connection in a Virtual World

Belonging is a feeling that comes from living and participating in a community (a village). This fulfills a human need that just can’t be satisfied any other way. And yes this can be achieved in the virtual world.

The Internet and subsequently Social Media have given us the power to transcend time zones and borders without getting on a single airplane. Unfortunately, so many businesses in the past have used social media as another advertising medium.

As social media becomes more crowded it is becoming more important to stand out, building a passionate following starts with building a passionate community and having real interactions.

Build A Connected Community

So what makes a connected community? Is it a slick ad campaign? NOPE! It’s creating relatable, value-added content that your audience wants to converse with.

Here’s the thing your social media posts aren’t for you, they are for your audience, that community that you’re building. Show up for them, show you care and that you’re passionate about their needs.

By focusing on your audience and their interests, concerns, beliefs, and motivations a business is creating a golden opportunity to build that community. That community, that village will, in turn, refer their family and friends to you, they will share your content and support you because you care.

Not sure what their interests etc. are, ask them.

Using the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor in your content can make a world of difference when building this community. 

Know, Like, Trust

For your customer to get to KNOW you, you need visibility and with that is consistency. Social media offers just that, but you need to be committed to it. Posting here and there doesn’t do it. You need to post regularly if for you that means once a day, or 3 times a week, that’s fine just don’t stop.

For them to LIKE you, you will want to build meaningful relationships. Are you responding to your messages? Remarking back when a customer leaves a comment? Other ways to interact are to jump online and comment in forums/groups, comment on other business pages as your page, and share your page to groups. These are just a few suggestions of ways to engage on social.

The final key to the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor is TRUST. You must prove to your audience that they can trust you. That you do know what you are talking about. That your products and services are something that you are 100% behind. Let them trust that you are there to help them with their pain points or help them receive what they are looking for!

Here is how to create a human connection with your audience, build the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor and still indirectly sell your product or service:

  • Solve problems for your community

  • Create engagement through consistency

  • Offer value in your posts through FAQs, how-to’s and educational videos

  • Tell your story (they can’t get to know you or your brand if you don’t share your WHY)

  • Use content to position and prove yourself as an authority

  • Back up your claim with empirical evidence

  • You have a unique voice, express it and be authentic  (i.e. don’t copy others)

  • Be helpful, responsive, and generous with your time and your attention.

  • Invite your audience to engage and interact with you.

  • Be approachable, keep it simple (your audience can see BS a mile away) and avoid jargon

  • Deliver social proof through customer testimonials and user-generated content (ask for permission first.)

Be Consistent

Consistency is more than just posting regularly it means showing up, and being present on social media. I recommend to all my clients that they need to spend a few minutes on whichever platform they are on, commenting on posts of your ideal client (not just liking them) with genuine comments and interest. This goes back to the KNOW factor, commenting back, responding to your direct messages, and keeping at it. Strive for regular, ongoing communication versus on-and-off bursts.

Final Thoughts

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to building community through your brand online, so long as you’re committed to focusing on what matters most: the wants and needs of your customers and prospective customers.

As you can see building a community online isn’t done by simply having a presence on social media. It is more than that.  

By creating a community that loves what you are doing, binges every piece of content that you put out, and shares your efforts with their networks you will find that your product or service is easier to sell. No, it won’t sell itself but it will have an audience that is ready to buy when you are ready to launch.  In the end, it is a matter of being yourself, flaws, and all, and sharing your passion with the world.

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